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Celebrating 20 Years

NCNW Virginia Beach Section began in 2000.

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Charter Members


Myra Barnes


Victoria Bea

Desiree Blackman

Lorraine Bussey


Barbara Carter


Jean Church


Joan Cooper


Nina Daniels

Cynthia DePass'


Audrey Danley


Rose Edward


Marion Felden

Joanne Freckleton


Sylvia Garris*


Sharon Hayes

Hallie Hightower*


Helen Hunt*


Karen King

Carol Sligh-Jackson

Sandra Jackson

Gloria Johnson

Janice Johnson

Margaret Jones


Rose Joyner


Dorothy Kelly


Norman Kemp

Yvonne Matery


Lois Miles

Barbara McGlone

Harriett McLaughlin

Johnical Owen


Michelle Owen

Vanessa Parker

Della Patterson

Cynthia Perry


Barbara Rice

Evelyn Robinson*

Jennifer Sanderson

Melissa Sanderson

Mary Sanderson


Judith Searles


Bertie Small


Barbara Smith

Geraldine Stennett*


Beryl Taylor


Rosa Taylor


Joan Upson


Leslie Vincent

Clauderre Vulcain


Gloria Vincent


Veneta Walker


Lilian Webb


Ella Whetstone


Mae Wiggins


Shirley Wilkins

Jacqueline Wilson

Athylove Winfield


Grace Wright


Una Grant

* Deceased

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